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20% Off all plans at SmartEngage

Get 20% Off all plans at SmartEngage

  • Trigger notifications based on customers’ behavior
  • Simple and functional drag and drop interface
  • SmartClean Technology for a cleaner email list
  • Automated Newsletter Broadcasts on any platform

SmartEngage – Automated Talk With Your Customers On Various Platforms

Tired of managing three or more tools for all your online campaign needs? You do not have to do that anymore. SmartEngage is the platform that will help you manage, across various platforms. Your email, Facebook messenger, and web push notifications can all be managed under one roof with SmartEngage. Let’s see how it works, its features, and how you can get the most out of it.

SmartEngage – Automated Talk With Your Customers On Various Platforms

How Does SmartEngage Work?

SmartEngage allows you to effectively reach your customers across multiple platforms- Email, Facebook, and Web Push Notifications in the easiest and most convenient way. For example, it allows you to use your email to reply to a facebook message or respond to a notification all from one software.

How Does SmartEngage Work?

SmartEngage works as an automatic responder that you use to answer your messages on any of the platforms offered. You just have set up your instructions on how the messages should be answered. From that point, it is handled by SmartEngage, saving you time and increasing your response rate.

SmartEngage tracks your subscribers’ actions across your website to help you understand their behaviour and respond appropriately. SmartEngage also integrates well with other marketing and communication tools. Let’s see some of the fantastic features you’d enjoy using SmartEngage.

What Are The Features Of SmartEngage?

Here are some of the features of SmartEngage:

What Are The Features Of SmartEngage?

Behaviour-Based Triggers: With SmartEngage, you can target customers based on their behaviour by using pop-ups like web push notifications designed to appear after your subscriber carries out a specific action.

Drag and Drop Interface: With the simple drag and drop interface on SmartEngage, it is easy to create chatbots for Facebook. You can add unique images, text, or widgets easily on SmartEngage.

SmartClean Technology: The importance of a clean email list to increase click-through rates cannot be underestimated. SmartEngage automatically helps you with this – using a SmartClean technology that rids your email list of all kinds of unwanted emails.

Smart Newsletter Broadcasts: SmartEngage allows you to resend your email when it does not get opened after a pre-determined period. You can also make a smart move by sending the message using a different platform. Start enjoying these features using our SmartEngage discount coupons

What Are The Benefits Of SmartEngage?

Some of the benefits you will enjoy using SmartEngage include:

  • All-in-one Service: SmartEngage is a software that allows you to manage your email marketing, Facebook bots, web push notifications, and website tracking all in one place without stress. You don’t have to pay for multiple websites to get it all done anymore. Take advantage of our SmartEngage discount deals to do more at a cheaper cost.
  • Smooth Tracking: Tracking is essential to understanding a subscriber, knowing their needs, and responding to them appropriately. SmartEngage clues you in on the messages that have been clicked; pages opened, actions taken, pages liked, and much more. These clues enable you to make a smart decision concerning your business.
  • Auto Social Intelligence: SmartEngage automatically finds information on your subscribers on social platforms. This information includes their names, social profiles, and sometimes even their number of followers. This way, you can learn more about your subscribers without spending hours trying to investigate.

How To Use SmartEngage?

Step 1: Get started using our SmartEngage discount code that gives you 20% off all SmartEngage plans.

Step 2: You would be required to fill in your email address and physical mailing address at registration.

How To Use SmartEngage?

Step 3: Set up your brand name and avatar after which you could proceed to your list for email marketing. The step-by-step setup process on the website is quite easy. You can also set up your automated processes as you want by following the available instructions on the webpage.

20% Off all plans at SmartEngage

Get 20% Off all plans at SmartEngage

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