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10% Off all plans at ZeroBounce

Get 10% Off all plans at ZeroBounce

  • Direct Verification on your platform no matter the language
  • Personalize messages using provided social append
  • Clean list of all toxic and disposable emails
  • Reduce the bounce rate and increase click-through rate

ZeroBounce – The Email Verifier For Pros

For every email campaign, there’s always at least a 1-10 percentage of bounce rate for invalid emails addresses on your email list, depending on how well your email verification tool performs. If you desire a zero percent bounce rate, we have a discount deal on just the right tool for you.

ZeroBounce – The Email Verifier For Pros

ZeroBounce is the answer to a perfect email list, guaranteed zero-bounce rate as the name implies. It’s an award-winning verification tool notable for its speed and accuracy. Our ZeroBounce discount deals get you started with 10% off on all their plans. We’ll walk you through how this software works, its benefits, and how to get started.

How Does ZeroBounce Work?

ZeroBounce does not just help you clean out your email list, It does more to provides an AI-based system that helps you to gain a better understanding of your email list. You don’t have to download reports you don’t need, as you can select the ones you want to analyze.

This is not all.  ZeroBounce collects metadata that is used to inform you of the first name, location, and gender of your emails. This enables you to send appropriate information based on these emails, thereby increasing your conversions.

What Are The Features Of ZeroBounce?

ZeroBounce isn’t an award-winning email validation service for fun; its solid performance in these features make it outstanding.

What Are The Features Of ZeroBounce?

Email Validation API: ZeroBounce API can verify emails directly on your platform. This saves you the hassle of copy and paste as you just use the API to validate your emails by adding it to your site. And whatever the language your site is written in, ZeroBounce can work on your platform.

Social Append: ZeroBounce gathers social data about your subscribers. With the metadata, you would get to learn names and locations. This information allows you to send personalized messages that can help increase your conversion.

Bounce Validation: It is a waste to have a long list with a lot of bounces. ZeroBounce ensures that none of your emails get bounced for any reason. ZeroBounce scans your email list and automatically removes any email that bounces from it.

What Are The Features Of ZeroBounce?

What Are The Benefits Of ZeroBounce?

Other than the benefits of completely removing bounced emails from your email list, ZeroBounce provides you with these.

What Are The Benefits Of ZeroBounce?

  • Clean and Growing Email: ZeroBounce weeds out not just bounce but also spam traps, abuse, toxic and disposable emails. ZeroBounce A.I keep you abreast of the state of the email list ensuring you can make changes where necessary. Use our ZeroBounce discount coupons to start enjoying this benefit.
  • More Information: ZeroBounce provides you with more information about the people on the receiving end of your deal. You can pick out social or gender append to send more relevant emails.
  • Easy To Use: ZeroBounce is the email verification tool for the everyday business person who does not want to be bothered with technical jargon. The user-interference is also uniquely simple for your ease.

How To Use ZeroBounce?

Joining on ZeroBounce is a straightforward process. You have to follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Click on the visit website option on the claim deal link for ZeroBounce discount deals . This will lead you to the free account creation form. Fill in your details.

Step 2:  You will be required to verify that the email account is yours through a confirmation link sent to your email address. Ensure that you fill in a corporate email address to enjoy the free trial. Once you confirm your account, you can move on to login.

Step 3: You will need to fill in more details about your company. Once done, the process to a clean list can then begin by uploading your list.

10% Off all plans at ZeroBounce

Get 10% Off all plans at ZeroBounce

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